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Subject: 1972 photo

Posted by Aussie
Thursday, March 09, 2000 at 09:49:35

72 part two
1.6 is Keith Wildgoose, not Ron Barker.

Subject: BBGS 57-64

Posted by Ron Burns
Monday, March 06, 2000 at 19:33:13

I'm glad to hear Wilf Kimber is still alive and kicking. He's the only person I ever met who could make English Grammar even vaguely interesting. Does anyone have any info on other members of staff 1957-64? Messrs Garnett, Birrel (Bob & Joe), the masochistic Bernard Eales, Fred Robinson,John Kyle, Drac, Wally Pearson.

I have the 1962(?) school, 1958 Form 1B, and 1964 Prefects photo if you're interested.

By the way, there are a lot of references to Moonhead. Was that a nickname Fred Robinson? In my day we were too terrified to call him anything but SIR

Good luck with the site

Subject: Moonerisms

Posted by Ian Thompson
Monday, March 06, 2000 at 19:30:49


'Ashburner! Go away! If you don't go away, I'll stick you to the gate!'
'You boys have been feather-bedded! And it's got to stop!'
'It has come to my attention that boys have been eating chipped potatoes out of newspapers. It's got to stop!'
and a personal one...
'Thompson. What are you anti? We're not anti-you, so you better hadn't be anti us!'

Oh the nostalgia.......

Subject: Some corrections

Posted by Ian Thompson
Monday, March 06, 2000 at 19:25:48

If memory serves me right..

No. 305 is Andrew Mashiter not Stephen...
No. 470 is Carlos De Sousa not Mr. Da Silva.

Sat Feb 12 11:07:16 GMT 2000
A couple of quotes from moonhead;
Pre-school parents evening 1967."The uniform is not
compulsory but every boy will have a uniform"
punishment circa 1971 (cause not known)
"You can choose between 40 sides or the stick"
"I'll have the stick"
"Fooled you Benson,you can have 40 sides as well"
Parents careers meeting 1972."My son would like to
be a merchant navy officer cadet"
Moonhead;"We expect more academic careers from
our boys"
I suppose the term "xxxxhead"wasn't around then.

It was far more apt.

Sun Feb 13 23:40:33 GMT 2000
Alan ARmer

Yes, I too have that photograph, and on occasion frighten my children
with it. To add a few names (and I apologise for not checking your
tables for

Picture 72.1

2.1  Graham Bell

2.10 NOT Dave Cole, but Ian Cole

3.2  Alan Armer (that's me so I can confirm that as being accurate!)

3.3  Philip Baker

Picture 72.2

2.7 Mark Airey

Picture 72.3

2.5  Dave Shaw

2.7  Chris Berry

8.1  Frank Gallimore

Picture 72.4

2.7  Ray Turner (sometimes turned up with eye-shadow - just for a laugh,
of course)

2.11 Dave Myers  (Lives in Huntly, Scotland and is a well
renowned film and TV make-up artist.)

8.5  ??Eaton

8.10  ?? Clampton

Picture 72.5

1.4  Gary Glew

5.9  Derek Brookes  (ex record shop owner and councillor)

Picture 72.6

2.6  Dave Hill

2.9 Dave Pickthall

4.11 ??????  School Caretaker

And a comment? How about

"I would keep you behind tonight, boy, but the Clangers are on."

- Fred Robinson


"Do you do that at home, boy?" (said after catching a boy (Dave Shaw)
'pinging' one of the upstairs bells.)

Mon Feb 14 00:03:12 GMT 2000
Alan Armer

Further belated identifications

Pic 72.5
5.4 I'm not sure who this is, but I do
know that one of the e-mails identifies him
as Guillerme Fernandez - The face may be right
but the name was not Fernandez. The name was Guillerme Karam,
I believe that he is now a well known TV personality in Brazil.

1.2 Tony Dalton - A former frequenter of the Bee Hive
in Ulverston, last heard of in Carlisle Cathedral having
taken to 'the cloth.'

2.10 Roger Burns
2.14 ???? Turner


Mon Feb 14 23:16:38 GMT 2000
I saw Ronnie Horrocks a few weeks ago in the pool at the White Water
hotel. Hasn't changed much from the picture, totally blanked me of
course but no change there. I assume all the staff were told to ignore
any boy who expressed a wish to leave after the 5th year!
I  look back with fondness at the wonderful careers advice
we were given by Mr Mc...... once we'd decided to leave!!!

Such caring and thoughtful people.

Sun Feb 20 23:27:18 GMT 2000
Alan Armer

Here are a few more

Pic 72-1

1.3 Tony Dalton

1.11 Keith Hayton

3.6 "Captain" Michael Benson

Pic 72-4

2.11  Absolutely definitely, without a shadow of a doubt David Myers.

2.3 He could be called David Myers too for all I know, but it's definitely not the one that I know.

Pic 72-5

8.5 Actual name Frank Punton

Fri Feb 25 10:26:19 GMT 2000

Broadminded wrote:

I see you xxxxing chaps have been brought up to be

intelligent pxxxxs and those naughty xxxxing little

words shall not for some unknown reason upset the

xxxmaster who was probably far too young to be filmed

in the nude by a certain xxxlisx master called Bxxx who

lived very close to the school

Fri Feb 25 10:56:14 GMT 2000
Mr Hays
What an interesting contribution.


Fri Feb 25 22:17:53 GMT 2000

Hello, Yes I enjoy your site and have referenced it on the web-site
I am starting for the BGS OBA(I only was volunteered for the post
since no-one else would take it on). The first edition went live on
16th Feb and the address is
I am sure that you will have some contributions to make and if you
have any comments about the quality of the site design you may rest
assured I take full responsibility for the current incompetence...
My time at the school was 46-54 so I reckon I am in the "old wrinklies"
class relative to you incredibly young, talented and handsome men...

I live in Poole and get to Barrow every few months.

The modern structure of the schooling system is not one with which I
am familiar. We have been discussing how to generate some real
empathy with the Sixth Form College. Since you are nearer their
generation and in the education profession, have you any ideas?

I will be contacting the current Head to see if some interaction
with the Web site may help. I thought that if any of them wanted
to talk about particular careers then maybe some discussion with
an Old Boy might be of some use. However I am told that the modern
careers instruction is very efficient and that my experiences of
"career disinformation" are way out of date, which I guess is quite

Hope you get all your photo identified,

Best wishes

Roy (Lawson)
PW - Thanks for the interesting link Roy - I'm sure it will be a better laid out site
than this one.  I understand your problem with the SFC..  Most of the guys who visit here
are now just hitting 40.. so while you may be on a different planet and receding with a large
red shift - we are at least on a different continent from the current generation.   Personally I'm not convinced it is something they would wish or understand.  The Grammar School disappeared some time ago. The urge to preserve and continue the OBA may only be important to people above a certain age...
While others prefer to see change and a turnover of such things. 
I'm sure that the kids would want something of their own and not something handed to them.
If they can find the urge then let them do it.  We may not like the results but that's OK.
I sometimes find myself unconsciously running over the content that appears here and wondering if some octagenarian may choke on his crumpet somewhere.. but then I have to remember that I can't please everyone and I'm not here to conform to the standards of another age. 

Sat Feb 26 12:51:38 GMT 2000
Goodness me - old reports and veiled references to 'dodgy'

films. Curiouser & curiouser!

Sun Feb 27 03:59:43 GMT 2000
BGS 1st X1 Germany 1958

Sun Feb 27 19:33:42 GMT 2000
Soccer with 1958 photo
Back Row L-R Gordie Fell, Dave Parker, ? Lindsey, Don Trangmar,
Jo Birrell (in charge), Ron Dinnen, Kevin Speakman, Jo's friend

Front row L-R Jackie Maddison, Kevin Morrall, Steve Pick,
Ben Williams, Jo Knight.
The first overseas BBGS school soccer trip to Germany.

April 1958 in Ubach Palenburg near Aachen. We
thrashed the local high school 8-0 before a huge
crowd who had come to watch a youth international.
I believe it was Germany v Belgium bit not too sure.
It was a memorable trip.


Sun Feb 27 21:50:47 GMT 2000

Lest all the contributions seem to be curmudgeonly.. I'll slip in a few positive notes!

Jimmy Mont was always encouraging even when, after a four year gap,
I set off once more to complete some higher education.
Wilf Kimber had a positive influence, as did Jim Fryer,
and Dennis Clampton.  Big Ron was a little bad tempered but quite
reasonable when it was discovered that I had synthesised a substantial
quantity of explosives in the lab. He was quite right, you could have
your eye out! Though I only turned my thumb yellow and numb for a
few minutes after a cracking bang.
He was actually quite a fortunate fellow as I once witnessed him
swing a guy by the hair who was at the time boiling a large amount
of conc sulphuric acid. It could have easily been a remake of
"The Phantom of the Opera"  No, he wasn't called Eric.

Now surrounded by chemicals everyday.. I've gone off explosives
and  prefer taking liquid nitrogen
home for the kids to play with.. smashing bananas etc..

Mon Feb 28 11:31:05 GMT 2000
Moon Anecdote

Heard in smelly Liverpool pub at the weekend....

Shortly before his demise.. Moon walked into Barrow's Labour

Party headquarters...  manned by Derek "Where's my Bic" Brooke

"Ah Brooke, never thought I was a socialist did you boy!"

he remarked, before joining the party.

Tue Feb 29 15:54:27 GMT 2000
Neil "Spock" Rothwell
Never has so little been achieved by so few. 
This blast from the past was very welcome,
especially seeing what the 'old masters' looked like. 
I never knew my dad looked like that!


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