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Mon Nov 22 21:11:01 GMT 1999
Derek Walmsley

Further to the previous "Sass" data, a few more identifications and half guesses. A packet of Old English Spangles is what's needed to take my brain back to those times! 72_1 1.2 Nigel Sanderson 7.7 Tim Isaacs 72_2 7.2 Dave “Nitram” Martin 9.12 Michael Lamb 10.1 McKeever ? 10.9 a.k.a. Neil Rothwell 72_3 2.11 Chris Berry 6.11 Kevin Kells (now this is no longer a void area!) 7.8 Mark Drummond 9.2 Michael Lamb 9.9 Geoff Hinchley ? 72_5 9.10 Campbell 72_6 6.6 Mitchinson ?

Tue Nov 23 12:24:04 GMT 1999
Alan Tomlinson

Last instalment I think. Yet more on the photo, 72.3 .11 Steve Drury 4.4Paul Cloak? 5.4 Jim Webster star of tv programme "Skint" a few weeks back 5.6 Geoff Bugsy Ainsbury ? 5.8Roland Moss 5.11John Mallinson local solicitor 6.2Trevor Eales son of Bernie 6.3 John Kelleher? 6.7 "Mad" John McCusker 6.9 Paul Rigg, local dentist 6.10 Tony Oldfield 7.1Alan Tomlinson 7.2 Clive Shaw 7.3 Gary Taylor 7.8 Mark Drummond 8.7 Mike Holmes 8.8 Brain Otto local lay preacher 9.4 Alan Turner 9.6 John Dance? 9.12 Mark "Onion" Bennett solicitor Lancaster 10.4Chris Corkhill sadly deceased 10.7 Jim Gelling? 10.10 Gary Williams I think that about wraps it up for me, thanks for the memories!

Tue Nov 23 14:44:41 GMT 1999
Dave Cassdy

Yes it is true that Baz was on both ends of a school photo, Not sure of the year. It is reported that they made him pay twice for his copy!

Sat Nov 27 01:27:02 GMT 1999
Pete Gibbo
I can add creedance to the rumour of Mr Neil Barrowman. He did appear twice on 1977 picture. I could spot him at the time on his first appearance but haven't been able to identify him all these years later (2nd appearance is easy, top right looking extremely guilty).

Mon Nov 29 17:39:32 GMT 1999
ciaran Trainor
According to my colleague Dave Wrennall who is on the photo in the back row, Neil Barrowman is second from the left on the back row in frame 2. Looks different to me though he may have cunningly combed a centre parting into that ginger hair for his second appearance. He knows cos he woz there!!

Fri Dec 10 11:55:30 GMT 1999
Taff : 77 - 82

Can anyone supply names for the 77/78 photo? Supposed to be on it but don't recognise myself......or anyone else come to think of it.

Fri Dec 10 13:10:48 GMT 1999

Has the above contributor been overdoing the medication again? How can anyone not recognise themselves? It's a fine and bizarre world in which we live!!

Tue Dec 28 15:44:36 GMT 1999
Stephen Booth

Got told about this page and was delighted. Have the orignal photo's and hopefully will be able to fill in some names for you. However, I see I am down on page 5 of the 1972 pic as Simon. Thank you to the person who posted that one! Please could you amend. Regards.

Tue Dec 28 15:45:30 GMT 1999
Stephen Booth

Got told about this page and was delighted. Have the orignal photo's and hopefully will be able to fill in some names for you. However, I see I am down on page 5, 10.8 of the 1972 pic as Simon. Thank you to the person who posted that one! Please could you amend. Regards.

Fri Dec 31 16:29:51 GMT 1999
Alan Tomlinson

Blame Ian Baker, Steve. I did wonder about that myself. He can hardly remember his own name whenever I see him.

Mon Jan 3 23:11:40 GMT 2000
ian mcintosh

some more names to go with the '72 photo! 72.1 1.8 phil docker (last heard of working in london) 1.6 ray jones (bonzo), still in barrow I think 1.9 brian backhouse 72.2 1.12 alan brockbank (I think) 1.13 graham twyford, now a well known local artist. (things don't change, do they?) 1.8 david dawson (a bigwig in the local law society I think) 1.7 john pearson 72.3 1.10 david foxon 1.12 ian mcintosh (still in Barrow) 72.4 1.4 david henderson 1.6 malcolm jones, last heard of he was a pharmacist somewhere in canada 1.9 ian jones 1.11 pete dean, now a successfull photographer in devon 1.12 ian hunter 1.15 graham hacket 1.2 steven mashiter? 72.5 1.15 mike moore, sadly deceased some years now 72.6 1.4 alan mcgregor 1.3 steven watling 1.1 keith wildgoose, last known a medical doctor

Thu Jan 13 17:46:49 GMT 2000
Paul Williamson

Give me a few days and I will fill in as many names as I can from the back row (5th Form in those days).

Fri Jan 14 23:37:09 GMT 2000
Paul Williamson

yes, I know ... ... wife stolen from the Girls School, kidnapped and brought south for 20 years. I have the Girls' 197? photo in the loft. Interested parties email for a tif, gif or what you prefer and I'll dig it out.

Mon Jan 17 23:05:26 GMT 2000
Paul Williamson

My feedback keeps crashing. Another go:- 72.2 1.5 Brian Seward 1.10 Steve Clark(e) 1.11 John Rushton 72.3 1.5 Alan Chapman 1.6 Dave Ronald (my Chrsitams Card says he is in Dalton) 1.9 Kevin Edmonson 1.11 yours truly, Paul Williamson ... and on that note: with Big Al Chapman at right full back, Dave and Kev in the middle and Willier Williamson at left full back, we had the flattest back four you ever did see. 5.3 is confirmed as Stuart "Ronnie Cockles" Galloway 72.4 1.4 is ? Pritchard, under used keeper to above back four 1.6 is David Henderson 1.5 Martin Waite 1.10 Russ Pettifer 1.14 ? Smith 72.5 1.8 Graham "Nipper" Turner 1.4 Kevin Proctor 1.12 confirmed as John Smart 4.7 confirmed as Stewart Melville, a relation; married, n kids, lives in Yorkshire - email me for address. 72.6 1.6 John Willman 7.5 is not Doug Walters, who is 7.7 Note to Ian McIntosh: you didn't remember my name or me yours; even though we appear to be standing next to each other! Regards Paul Williamson 20 years in Hertfordshire

Tue Jan 18 15:06:53 GMT 2000
ian stuart-hamilton

Found my own copy of the school photo used on the web page, which at some time pretty soon after leaving school I must have annotated with the names I could remember(you're right, I have no life). There are a few names which can be added to the list: PIC 1 9.9 = Mark Gregson PIC 2 7.2 = Ian Henderson 9.5 = Ward 9.7 = Neil Rothwell [?] 4.10 = Derek Parry 3.15 = Steven Beckett 9.12 = Michael Lamb PIC 3 10.8 = Ian McKeever PIC 4 4.7 = Not Cro-Magnon Man, alas, but David Austen 4.9 = Andrew(?) Bushell 4.10 = Adrian Butland 4.11 = According to my notes, that is Carr PIC 5 6.9 = Tucker, the definitive article 9.10 = Steven Berridge PIC 6 6.6 = Hitchinson 6.9 = Neil Emmett

Thu Jan 20 22:32:29 GMT 2000
Ciaran Trainor

Picking up on an earlier point, Last time I saw Jamie Hill He was selling T shirts outside Wemblry when Barrow AFC won the FA Trophy, 1990

Fri Jan 21 15:38:21 GMT 2000
Dr. Thrasher

Musical anecdote deleted due to pressure of space


Fri Jan 21 21:28:57 GMT 2000
ian mcintosh

note to Paul Williamson Sorry mate, time dulls the memory as well as senses! ps. weren' you aka Weirdo?

Fri Feb 4 10:33:48 GMT 2000


Does anyone know the whereaboutsof the one and only issue of "Git Aht"magazine? This was a sort of comic strip book with a title dedicated to Sneck written circa 1971 by Mike Backen,Dak White,Phil Brown(Actor!) and myself,Steve Benson.It was confiscated by Stiff in a corridor somewhere near Litmus' lab and I found out many years later during a conversation in the Ship Inn at Roose that this had gone down a treat in the staffroom. It was probably purile nonsense but a great deal of effort went into it. P.s.Slug told me of it's popularity.

Thu Nov 11 02:33:25 GMT 1999
Ian Parry

if you need any help with names of 1st years on the photo from 1977/78 let me know - unfortunately (!) I was one. I hope you realise the trauma that seeing that bloody terrible photo has done me!

Thu Nov 11 11:00:30 GMT 1999
Didn't Moon's lips get thinner when he was angry. Who are the pod people indeed. This site is funded by the SETI project. If we take a group of 600 people and identify them all - those few who remain unknown were probably plants. You assumed they went home at 4 - in fact they returned to strategic burrows scattered around the place. Perfect cover.

Thu Nov 11 23:18:53 GMT 1999
Pete Gibson
Ah Yes! I forgot I met Tomlinson in the Bridge in Burton in 1998. I offer my apologies for being so utterly popped up at the time(a quaint Barrovian vernacular that seems to catch on everywhere I've lived). I can explain "Dr Thrashers" lack of experience of Moonhead's wrath - he was the biggest girly swot in our year!

Thu Nov 11 23:23:08 GMT 1999
Pete Gibson
There was a myth that when one had "adopted the position", Moonhead would jump in the air before coming down with a resounding thwack on the botty. According to folklore, Geoff Power peered between his legs to see Moon's feet leave the ground. I don't think it was very often Moonhead heard peals of laughter from his victim!

Fri Nov 12 11:24:30 GMT 1999
So remind me.. who was it who rolled up the aisle in a carpet drunk at the Carol service? I always got the impression that was Kell. I remember the last time I saw Lowden.. back in 77 being carried out of a house in Oxford St by Pete G and trailing highly coloured vomit all the way.


Fri Nov 12 15:41:53 GMT 1999
Dr. Thrasher

Hey Pete, Yeah, I confess, I was a bit of a swot. However I got a lot more 'woolly pudding' than you eh!

Wed Nov 17 15:45:33 GMT 1999
Dave Cassidy

I hope i qualify as a '79 first year. 'Musing to see some of the less trendy students of 72 including my brother frank. I of course guilty of the over size blazer- snorkle parker (the fur from those things would always get in your mouth when running for the bus from Yew Tree Gardens. ( this was nothing to the bollocking you would get from ya' Mam for the mud on ya kegs) Now living in Pennsylvania -nice to have a connection to home . Cheers Dave Ps Frank Cassidy will know a lot of the missing names.

Wed Nov 17 18:57:57 GMT 1999
Ian Stuart Hamilton


Some info on the pictures: 72/4: 4.2 David Rook - was in the police, then for a while had a pub in Cartmel; 4.5 Ian Stuart Hamilton - yes, am now Professor of Psychology at University College Worcester (the nicknames are, alas, accurate); 4.8 Stewart Lawton - working as a shares analyst, I understand; 4.13 - Fullard's first name was Andrew [not sure this is him - see note below]; 8.1 - Cash was called that because he used to jangle coins in his pocket. 72/1: 8.4 Steve Lister wrote an episode of The Professionals; 9.3 - Neil Clapham is now in Hong Kong 72/2 4.9 - yes, it is Shaun Barker; 8.7 - correct name is Stubbings (first name Roger, if I remember correctly) - he's now a Methodist minister (when last I heard, in Liverpool); 10.5 - yes, that's definitely Mark Williams: he's now MD of SSS Ltd ( 72/5 - 1.11 - yes, that is the late Colin Paice; 4.2 - I think this is more likely to be Andrew Fullard than the other individual you identify, but wouldn't swear to it; 4.7 - yes, is Stuart Melville (now lives somewhere near York); 4.10 - Thomas Hickey a.k.a. 'Limpet'; 8.4 Mouncey's other nickname was 'Bouncy' 72/6 - 3.13 surname is Miller (he was only at the school a couple of years) ; 4.8 - Catania's first name was Paul; he later changed his surname to XXXXXXX; 4.10 - Graham Fenton has his own home page - I've temporarily mislaid the address (; 6.5 Simon Livesey is now, I believe, in the Antipodes; 6.10 - I think Michael Banks is lecturing rather than teaching

Thu Nov 18 19:22:31 GMT 1999
Dave Cassidy

1972 pic section 6 1.9= Rod Collin " " " " " " 2.9= Billy Mcguirk

1 GMT 1999
Alan Tomlinson

Is it actually true that one Neil Barrowman appeared at both ends of the 1978 photo? I can find him in section seven, looking very furtive, but not at the other end. Can anyone clarify this?

Mon Nov 22 12:02:32 GMT 1999
Alan Tomlinson

More on the photo, 72.5. 5.4 Guillermo "Bill" Fernandes 5.5 Mr. Da Silva (Both Brazilians) 6.5 Evans 7.1 Dave Robinson 7.2 Stephen Burns, 7.3 Ian Vaughan 7.4 David Lewis 9.1 P.C. Trevor Jones 9.2 Colin Jones, head Cider-maker at Weston’s, Much Marcle 9.4 Steve Lowe, GEC/VSEL 9.5 Jon Wheeler 9.6 Neil Venables, not Drummo 9.7 Martin Round 9.8 Brian Postlethwaite 9.10 P.C. Jeremy Campbell 9.12 Peter Jardine 10.4 Richard Ashworth 10.5 Ricky Hill 10.6 Tim Killip 10.7 Graham Gawne 10.10 Steven "Gims" Smith 10.11 Brain Haney 72.6 5.12 Mr. Benn is not in the greatest health, but soldiering on. Interesting that he wsn’t stuck on the end of the 78 photo. 6.12 David Pickthall, son of Cash, known as Petty Cash (sometimes) 7.9 Mike Spurling 8.3 Martin "M.F." Ashworth 8.5 Peter Rawlinson 8.7 Craig Sharp 8.9 Dave Cooksey sadly deceased 9.1 Brian not Richard Haney 9.3 Andy Dawes 9.4 Philip Boundy R.A.F. 9.6 Mark Reeve 9.7 Bob Parker, formerly bass player with the Walking Seeds,

Mon Nov 22 19:00:27 GMT 1999
Dave Cassidy

Hi Tommo got your message, next time I'm home I'll see ya for a pint in the Lion

Steve Pick - 03/19/99 20:44:41
Walney Rovers left some great memories for me
We seemed to have lost the way of enjoying the simple things.
Was interested to see the BBGS photos. Would like to see Sam on the front as well as Fred.
Recognized Dennis Clampton and Ron Horrocks when the image loading was only 50%
complete. They must have strong features! You have done a great job with the image
quality despite what some might say is of average content Steve Pick 1950-58, Dallas Texas.

Wed Mar 24 14:17:07 GMT 1999
Dr. Thrasher

Good lord! I'm still terrified of Moonhead! And I bet he's been dead for years!!

Tue Mar 30 23:56:24 BST 1999
Kevin Walsh

I'll look out some older photos - 1965 to 1970. School Choir and 3rd Grammar School Scouts could also be found if I look hard enough. I'll probably find a Sam Price print. I'll look back soon to see if any developments. Kevin Walsh Carlisle UK

Fri May 14 13:32:31 BST 1999
Jake Thackary

Splendid site - without Fred Robinson's guidance, I would not have become the man I am. regards Jake

Wed May 26 13:31:59 BST 1999
Dr. Thrasher

Where is this links page then? Thanks for re-instating the picture of Moonhead. My life is complete.

Wed Jun 9 14:31:05 BST 1999
Dr. Thrasher

Mmmmwell, What a superbly crafted links page. Shame about the fat guy in the picture.

Wed Jun 9 20:01:39 BST 1999
The Other Sandal

Striking is it? Itinerent is it? It's a Ford Escort van and the ashtrays are all empty.

Sat Oct 23 00:07:57 BST 1999

< Lots of libellous material deleted>

Mon Oct 25 13:45:26 BST 1999

So why was Big Ron so evil? Was there another "Big Ron" in his past? Or were his pedagogic methods just bad in comparison to the norms of the time? Certainly bad tempered but not pre-meditated. For refined cruelty, orchestrated by a deranged personality, you had to look to Stiff. What was his problem??

Fri Oct 29 12:51:24 BST 1999
Pete Gibbo

Gibbo () said:

I think the low-res images of "masters" will give me nightmares.

Just when I thought they had finished as well!

May I instigate a survey? What is the longest punishment essay ("sides")
that anyone ever received?  I got 25 on one occasion (from Moonhead)
which knackered my weekend (still, better than a sore botty, eh?)

Sat Oct 30 10:09:15 BST 1999
Derek Walmsley a.k.a. Sass

Great site! Why not ask Bill Clark to add it to his Links page on Only found out as the photos were distributed around Marconi-Marine a.k.a. Vickers yesterday. I'll try to add a few names to the 1972 photo list- are you starting a 1977 one as well ? Not many of us still in Barrow- bet I haven't seen 75% of the lads in my year since I left. However, I must be getting old and senile as I can probably remember more about those days now than I could 10 years ago. Derek Walmsley (Sass) 1971-1978

Sat Oct 30 16:56:06 BST 1999
Dr. Thrasher

I am rather worried about Mr. Gibsons suggestion that a run in with Moonhead could lead to a sore botty. I must have been one of the more naive pupils at BBGS, as I didn't realise that 'uphill gardening' took place on the premises. Of course, I was a goody-goody, but look where that got me!! I notice that you now have an 'erase comments' button for people who don't have the courage to stand by what they write when they are pissed. Just remember it isn't defamation of character if what you say can be proven to be true. So, yes, Ron was an evil bastard.

Sun Oct 31 15:01:05 GMT 1999
Dr. T.

Of course that last line should have read: Just remember you cannot be accused of defamation of character if what you say can be proven to be true. So, yes, Ron was an evil bastard.

Mon Nov 1 06:29:41 GMT 1999
Ian Lowden
Advanced Cutlery Design

Interesting web site. How can I track down any Barrovians working in the aviation industry? Is there one advising re Walney International? Regards, Ian Lowden

Mon Nov 1 23:21:39 GMT 1999
Alan Tomlinson 1972-77 (Chango)

Prompted by a mail from a mate, I found the site this evening. I still live and work in the town, and several of the old masters are customers of my plumbing and heating business, (Wilf Kimber, Dennis Clampton, Wilf Pickthall, Len Davey, even Mr. Benn the caretaker. Still alive and retired to Swarthmoor) as are many fellow pupils.(Too numerous) I have even worked for the late lamented Moonhead's daughter. He died in the early eighties I think. In response to Pete Gibson's question re sides,I received a ten-sider from the Moon in my first week at BBGS. I also met Pete Gibson in a pub in Burton-on-Trent last year. Cheers Pete!

Wed Nov 3 09:53:21 GMT 1999

Oh yes .. I recall many sides from Moonhead.. not more than ten at a time though. I invented a nice touch which was to cut off the bottom inch and a quarter of paper thus reducing the effort required. It didn't help much, the benefit was mainly psychological. Moon often queried my source of stationery but I never cut off enough to cause a serious difference of opinion, therein lay the skill. Sadly we parted ways to such a point on a number of occasions that he was obliged to deliver a sound beating with the bamboo stick. Painful! But my only memory now is of some ghastly modern artwork he had hung on his wall!! Being caned was the only opportunity I got to appreciate it properly. I'm colour blind but it looked pretty bad.

Wed Nov 3 13:58:35 GMT 1999
Dr. T.

Incredibly, I never got any 'sides' from Moonhead, and very few from other 'masters'. My main problem was being a close friend of Mr. Gibson, whose flatulence and love of 'Capstan Full Strength' nearly got us both into trouble on many occassions. Luckily, I had cultivated a reputation as a well behaved young man, and they always believed that Mr. G. was to blame! Can I just remind readers of the legendary physics master Malcolm 'Mal' Hysom, who used to keep a set of personal radioactive sources, liberated from Windscale, because he didn't reckon that the school radioactivity kit was strong enough! What became of him then?

Mon Nov 8 10:57:47 GMT 1999
Ian Baker

Just browsed the 1972 picture quickly and picked out some old faces I know. <list of names deleted on legal advice) Will have a further look and let you know of any other faces I spot

Mon Nov 8 13:38:47 GMT 1999
Huckleberry Ticklemyfingold

<Another list of names deleted on legal advice>

Mon Nov 8 13:40:40 GMT 1999

You're fooling no one Clark! Huckleberry nonsense!

See me after assembly

Mon Nov 8 16:35:47 GMT 1999
Ian Baker (Rekab)

Have had a better look and can fill in a few spaces for you !! 72_1 <another list of names - deleted contrary to legal advice>

Tue Nov 9 19:00:51 GMT 1999
Alan Tomlinson

<a huge list of names - deleted>

Wed Nov 10 15:08:40 GMT 1999
Using the Altavista translation tool from Portuguese to English, yeilds the following text from the page that you linked to ("someone translate this" - links page) I think it just about sums it up really!!

Barrow-on-Furness I

I am vile, I am reles, as all people I do not have ideals, but it does not have them nobody.
Who says that it has them is as I, but mind.
Who says that it searchs is because it does not have them.
It is with the imagination that I love the good.
Mine low being however does not assent me.
Pacing, phantom of my present being,
Drunkard, for intervals, of one Beyond.
As all I do not believe in that I believe.
Perhaps it can die for this ideal.
But, while not mount, I speak and I read.


Wed Nov 10 23:10:48 GMT 1999
Alan Tomlinson

<worthy list of names - deleted on the grounds of taste>

Who are the pod people?

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