Atlantean Hoard


Posted by PFW
Wednesday, March 20, 2002 at 11:32:55

Yes it is hard to run in wellies.

Subject: Tally Ho!

Posted by Stark Staring Mad
Wednesday, March 20, 2002 at 11:08:33

Vegetarian, halitosis, moi? I eat meat, mate, and I don't really disapprove of hunting, I'm trying to explain that I can see the 'antis'' point of view and appreciate it. I don't consider it a great loss, either, if we were to say goodbye to the hunt and all the nasty, forelock tugging, arse licking, class-ridden crap that goes along with it. Dressing like a twat and getting pissed on horseback, tearing any small animal limb from limb whilst alive then wiping hot animal blood across each other's faces is what makes Britain great, what!!! What! I'll say. And as for fishermen - bunch of blood hungry murdering gets, the lot of 'em. Hunt them instead - it'd be easy as they can't run fast in those big wellies.

Subject: Provocative Postures of the Watermelon

Posted by Philip F Watson
Wednesday, March 20, 2002 at 09:52:51

I'd go along with that.
Nay! I'd go further and extend it to those fishing folk as well.
Do you hear me Wooden Spoon?


Posted by The Psychedelic Michelin Man
Wednesday, March 20, 2002 at 08:56:17

Surely, dear hearts, the bottom line is - if ya kill things just for fun, you are scum.

Subject: Bonkers

Posted by You see what I mean
Wednesday, March 20, 2002 at 07:07:15

You see what I mean? They are all fat are they? Why don't you float above the ground so that you stop deliberately crushing all those poor bacteria? I suppose you won't mind if I infest your house with rats - don't you dare attempt to kill them. Are you a totally prejudiced vegetarian halitosis ridden fashion victim?

Subject: Let's Face It

Posted by Bonkers
Tuesday, March 19, 2002 at 21:12:05

Let's face it, humans despise activities they don't do themselves??? I don't despise hang gliding or rock climbing and I certainly don't do either myself. I think there's a question of sensibilities here, I think it inappropriate for inebriated fat, bastards to supervise a terrified wild animal being torn apart, however, if a mountaineer wishes to fall off a high cliff, that's his problem he doesn't hurt anybody else. Here endeth the first lesson. PS before anyone uses the 'what about the poor little doggies' argument, what do they think happens to the mutts anyway, once they reach 4 or 5 years old. They get shot, that's what. Why postpone the inevitable, shoot em all now and have done with it. I'd like to see Ern in a pink shell suit, mind - a psychedelic version of the Michelin man.


Posted by Erasmus Watermelon
Tuesday, March 19, 2002 at 19:53:22

At least when I ride with the local Derbyshire hunt we observe a more humane protocol. When we finally corner the vermin I leap from my donkey, grab the beast, **** it and eat it.
Though on reflection I think that could just be my approach.


Posted by EW
Tuesday, March 19, 2002 at 19:48:57

Why do I always get nervous when a statement is prefaced by Let's face it?
Now I'm going to have to mail order the shell suit and drugs to Ern and organise a manhunt.
A group of ten Labour party organisers against a crazed man in a pink shell suit.
I think a full blown political thread is all we need to finally smoke a Glock.

Subject: Cop Out!

Posted by Ern
Tuesday, March 19, 2002 at 19:07:38

Can I just have the shell suit, the dexedrine and the acid and NOT go a huntin'?

Subject: Minorities are in the Majority

Posted by Minotaur
Tuesday, March 19, 2002 at 18:09:05

Let's face it... humans despise activities that they don't do themselves, whether it's fox hunting or cross dressing. As an urban ruralite I wish those pasty faced urban gits comprising the Labour Party would just stop pissing about in High Street shops and second homes and realise that it's not just gay lesbian transvestite dwarfs from Hindustan that suffer prejudice.


Posted by EW
Tuesday, March 19, 2002 at 15:45:19

Ah yes.. sabs and hunt followers.. now that would be an entertaining broadcast for the World of Sport.

Subject: Bloodsports

Posted by Avery Keene Huntsman
Tuesday, March 19, 2002 at 15:01:59

For EW's benefit, scum already come huntin'. They follow on foot and beat the crap out of the sabs, almost as entertaining as the ripping to bits of cats, small dogs and the occasional fox. They used to ask, "where would England be without bear baiting, cock fighting, badger baiting, hare coursing and fox hunting?" I suppose the answer is "civilised".


Posted by EW
Tuesday, March 19, 2002 at 14:19:32

Well.... if they keep going there's a good probability they'll fall off? Alternatively.. why don't ya get a very large cart horse and XXL pink shell suit and join in? Now that would be something! If enough of us scum took it up then maybe, like mobile phones, it would lose its cachet. Yeah, I fancy a go. We inject the mounts with dexedrine and acid 30 minutes beforehand and arrange a suitably helicopter-borne sound system.
Public opinion? Hmm I dunno. Then we get Michael Barrymore and hanging. I would prefer the cabinet to meet once a week and throw the I Ching.


Posted by Ern
Tuesday, March 19, 2002 at 13:09:02

So, will it be a victory for public opinion, or am I going to have to put up with red-coated scum and their trophy wives parading thru the village on the equestrian equvalent of a top of the range Jaguar for years to come? And I ain't talkin' Butlins. Anyone give a damn?


Posted by EW
Monday, March 18, 2002 at 11:28:14

New pic from Glenn Cornick in the Miscellaneous Section

Subject: Fat Freddy

Posted by John Rushton
Wednesday, March 13, 2002 at 10:14:06

Yes Dave, Fat Freddy was one of the Furry Freak Brothers - his cat used to specialise in ripping his arse to shreds on the rare occasions he managed to have sex with some doped up Hippy! Honeybunch Kaminsky was also a Robert Crumb creation I think - I read these strips in OZ and the International Times which I used to like to think was pretty subversive in Barrow in the late 60's early 70's! I don't think Fitzsimmons Newsagents were too sure what shelf to put them on and he probably would have got a big shock if he'd leafed through the Schoolkids Edition of OZ.

Subject: Freak bros

Posted by Dave
Tuesday, March 12, 2002 at 20:00:58

Are the Furry Freak Brothers mentioned the same ones as appeared in the Comics sold at Earthquake records, Featuring Notorious Norbert the Narc? I have a vague memory of this was there another one about Fat Freddy's Cat too?

Subject: Washboard Sam.

Posted by IT
Tuesday, March 12, 2002 at 10:45:10

I think Washboard Sam and the Funky Bellbottoms were an invention of the late Dr. John Tyson. Unless anyone has heard of them?

Subject: Robert Crumb

Posted by John Rushton
Tuesday, March 12, 2002 at 10:01:32

Dear Mr. Webmaster can we please have more of your Robert Crumb collection on the home page? How about some Furry Freak Brothers?

Subject: Raving rantings

Posted by Kohl Marks
Tuesday, March 12, 2002 at 07:11:42

Do you remember that classic song, "Hegel don't bother me"? Mind you, Hegel was a Kant.

Subject: Touched a Nerve Indeed!

Posted by Ern
Monday, March 11, 2002 at 22:11:32

Golly gee, where have all the witty intellectuals gone? Is it time for the 'Summarising Proust' competition?


Posted by IT
Thursday, March 07, 2002 at 08:15:34

Yes, Jean Paul Sartre used to play theramin with Black Jake and the others, but that Heidegger was a crap drummer. For cover versions of Supremes songs, give me Washboard Sam and the Funky Bellbottoms every time.

Subject: Jelly for Brains

Posted by Big Fat Bloke
Wednesday, March 06, 2002 at 20:49:14

It would appear that you mad a reasonable trade.

Subject: Jelly for Brains

Posted by Big Fat Tosser
Wednesday, March 06, 2002 at 20:48:57

It would appear that you mad a reasonable trade.

Subject: Jelly for brains

Posted by Bream Angler
Wednesday, March 06, 2002 at 18:28:09

Hardest job in the world eating jello. Must have been the Ulverston Canal, no bream in there though, or are there? Went to Ireland last year, didn't get any bream, a few roach and hybrids, though. Hardest job in the world piloting that ferry, I know, I did it, sank the thing. Soul music - hardest job in the world singing like that - ruins the vocal chords, I did it.

Subject: Esoteric Postings

Posted by Saddo
Wednesday, March 06, 2002 at 15:54:42

I listened to soul music me, man and boy, and don't let anyone scare you off to some background thread that no one reads anyway. That Elvis was good and I really liked the Phil Collins version of 'You Can't Hurry Love', the bestest version ever was by Black Jake and the Existentialists, on 78 with crackles - all this digitally enhaced crap, who wants to hear the tune as it was actually played? no atmosphere, caught a nice bream at the canal yesterday, had beefburgers for tea, never taken drugs or flavour enhacing chemicals in my life, didn't like it when he got fat, you'd not catch me eating peanut butter and jello pizzas. What's jello?


Posted by Ern
Tuesday, March 05, 2002 at 20:45:33

For those under duress - your prescription for the day.

Subject: Oo-er!

Posted by simmo
Tuesday, March 05, 2002 at 17:45:47

Oh dear! We do seem to have touched a raw nerve or two! Apologies to guys if some comments have sounded a bit censorious. For my part, in no way was I trying to repress anybody’s contribution. Heaven forbid! I was simply trying to elicit a few more comments of general / wider interest.


Posted by Erasmus Watermelon
Tuesday, March 05, 2002 at 16:51:25


Subject: Info

Posted by dave
Tuesday, March 05, 2002 at 16:38:32

Thanks for the info about the Soul night, Its a shame that the posting has to be made in fear of reprisal. I for one do not remember signing any contract as to what I could or could not write here. Anyway I'll sit back now and wait for the (by now) predictable rantings about being esoteric, quite frankly As far as Im concerened people can talk about whatever they want it doesn't bother me.I Better go now before garrulity is another accusation thrown at me

Subject: Soul Bash at the Abbey House

Posted by Virtual Dee-Jay
Tuesday, March 05, 2002 at 16:05:33

Lest I take a verbal thrashing for discussing such matters on the serial board, Backfield In Motion is now updated with a report on the event.

Subject: Jane Austen

Posted by
Monday, March 04, 2002 at 21:54:03

Don't be coy Ern,We all know that it's one of your own sites oh mighty web meister....

Subject: Soul

Posted by Dave
Monday, March 04, 2002 at 21:52:51

So how was the Soul Bash at Abbey House?

Subject: Jane Austen

Posted by Ern
Monday, March 04, 2002 at 15:24:14

The URL of which is.................?


Posted by EW
Monday, March 04, 2002 at 14:32:42

Yeah.. like he said...
Then I can compile all the e-mails and sell them to the "Jane Austen in Gas Masks" porn website

Subject: Password

Posted by Ern
Monday, March 04, 2002 at 14:12:46

The BGGS picture updates section is passworded to stop posting of indescriminate and unsuitable comments by users of this site. All of us slip up now and again, especially with a few stimulants (for stimulants, insert the poison of your choice!) on board. Should you wish to update any of the photos, you can e-mail your names and comments to the webmaster. Not having the balls to include your name in postings probably won't help your case.


Posted by
Monday, March 04, 2002 at 13:31:00

What's the password for BGGS photo updates?


Posted by
Monday, March 04, 2002 at 10:18:34

Yes but if I was its physician I would definitely be charging the paddles..

Subject: The JK Evolution

Posted by Ern
Monday, March 04, 2002 at 10:12:45

Good grief! Somebody with a sense of humour!

Subject: Evolution

Posted by JK
Monday, March 04, 2002 at 09:46:39

TV Times
Changing one letter at a time or adding letters change the word Chip into Moonhead
.....Well it was close

Subject: Eras and evolution

Posted by Benny
Monday, March 04, 2002 at 09:20:25

Thanks IT for your definition of era. However, after Sam Price retired and Fred took control, as far as I can remember he was still known as Chip. Could this be a different era? As you started at the end of the Price era perhaps you could shed light on the evolution of Chip to Moonhead.

Subject: Eras

Posted by IT
Monday, March 04, 2002 at 08:18:33

Surely the name of the site defines the era.. following the usual journalistic practice, we can talk of the Moonhead Years (as in Wilson Era, Thatcher Years.. I suppose there were even Major Years, but can anyone remember them?) My first year at BBGS coincided with the very end of the Price Years. I seem to remember an imposing chap with a gown - and possibly a mortar board (?)); presumably he was responsible for all the public school trappings. Its hard to see Moon as a great liberal reformer, but I suppose he did take a few very hesitant steps in that direction.

Subject: Gossip Needed!

Posted by simmo
Sunday, March 03, 2002 at 12:19:51

Yeah Benny and Sass!What we need is a bit of juicy gossip, rather than some of the esoteric contributions we have had lately. Anybody got any? If not, could anybody invent some - bearing in mind the laws on libel?

Subject: Leaving

Posted by Benny
Sunday, March 03, 2002 at 11:04:59

I left four years earlier than your estimation, hence my ignorance of issues discussed here.

Subject: 71/72

Posted by 1976
Saturday, March 02, 2002 at 19:53:20

Perhaps you left in 72? Even so you would understand the references, unless you just weren't into very slightly obscure/bluesy/semi-hippy music!

Subject: Era?

Posted by Benny
Saturday, March 02, 2002 at 19:10:20

If you are of the same era, how come I'm in the dark over most of the issues raised? Perhaps I slept through the whole of my secodary school life. On reflection I think that's quite probable!

Subject: Eras

Posted by Neil
Saturday, March 02, 2002 at 16:44:47

But we ARE of your era!

Subject: missed out? never been there!

Posted by Benny
Saturday, March 02, 2002 at 11:32:53

I'm in the dark as well, Jim. I think we need more contributions from people of our era.

Subject: Civic Hall Rock

Posted by SB
Saturday, March 02, 2002 at 09:54:59

Yes boring old fart, I was at the ISB gig and Commander Cody. Notmany others bothered to turn up though. Perhaps there were too manysyllables in their names. This probably explains why the Irishmegastars Fruup (Fruupp?)played there at least twice.Still, there was always the Amberstag gig to look forward to so youcould here all your Wishbone Ash and Vinegar Joe favourites and admire Howie Flynn's new drumkit at the same time.

Subject: Missing Out?

Posted by Sass
Saturday, March 02, 2002 at 00:47:34

No, I'm in the same boat, Jim. I guess you had to be there- I was obviously somewhere else (probably up a mountain or on the end of a station platform).If I ever find my 1971 and 1972 diaries I can bore everyone with more memories of days at BBGS! You're safe for now.

Subject: Missing Out?

Posted by simmo
Friday, March 01, 2002 at 18:44:54

Am I the only visitor to this message board who doesn't understand a bloody word of 90+% of the contributions?

Subject: Buster Bluster

Posted by Ern
Friday, March 01, 2002 at 10:36:11

Jeez, ya nearly ruined my whole year!!


Posted by EW
Friday, March 01, 2002 at 10:25:00

My mistake.. he just almost died.
Still.. I wouldn't stand too close during the gig.


Posted by Erasmus Watermelon
Friday, March 01, 2002 at 10:22:12

Er.. I heard that Buster was no more??

Subject: Very Bad Manners

Posted by Ern
Friday, March 01, 2002 at 09:37:18

I'm doing a gig with Bad Manners this summer (yes they are still going). I look forward to sharing the bill with someone fatter and uglier than me - a rare occurrence indeed! Thanks Buster. Does this make me more famous than Trev Tinsel?

Subject: Stuff

Posted by IT
Friday, March 01, 2002 at 08:19:22

Trev,If it was my last really serious bust up with a girlfriend, it was 1986, but she came from Rochdale not Birmingham. See how precisely I can date the scars on my heart. I'm married to a nice Muslim girl from Istanbul now - well, not very Muslim, since she drinks, used to bed dodgy Turkish actors and certainly doesn't wear a bag over her head. The in-laws are descending upon us in a few weeks time - four weeks of broken English and satelite TV from Turkey - can't hardly wait!!Haven't been to the Strawberry recently - not since I developed an intolerance for beer (pitiful, but entirely true!)

Subject: Git boxes

Posted by Another boring old fart
Friday, March 01, 2002 at 07:09:45

Not to mention the Groundhogs.

Subject: Guitars

Posted by boring old fart
Friday, March 01, 2002 at 01:31:30

Yes lets gat rid of all of this Gibbons SG BBC VD & scar & Fendley Startotasters waffle to a separate Fred, give us sensible Threads Like Coronation St & Barrow AFC On This Sitep.s. anyone still alive aho saw the folowing at the Civic Hall (as it was)Thin LizzyThe Incedible String BandCommander Cody & The Lost Planet AirmenThe SpecialsBilly ConnolyMike HaringGary GlitterI Resisted Bad Manners when they played there/


Posted by Erasmus Watermelon
Thursday, February 28, 2002 at 22:09:38

Yes it's true. For a time the house guitar did cost more than the family car.

Subject: Glitter, Tinsel etc

Posted by TC
Thursday, February 28, 2002 at 22:05:24

Thommo, it was in the Strawberry several years ago and you were lamenting having just split up with some girl (from Birmingham?). I'm doing fine, shame about Gary. A whole bunch of us went to see the old pervert at Preston Guildhall in 1973 to celebrate the end of A levels, were you not there?

Subject: That Gibson Smell -Again!

Posted by Ern
Thursday, February 28, 2002 at 20:34:54

You're absolutely right Thommo - all guitar speak should now have it's own thread, but what to call it? Perhaps our glorious webmeister (incidentally another Les Paul owner!) could start the ball rolling?

I can also confirm that Peter Gibson, formerly of Barrow-in-Furness does not smell of marzipan at all, having never lost his propensity for, or amusement at the sulphurous botty-cough. Personally I think he eats too much meat.

Subject: Tinsel

Posted by IT
Thursday, February 28, 2002 at 15:10:40

Trev,I saw the not-so-lamented Leader at Whitley Bay Ice Rink a few years ago. Just as I was on the cusp of fandom, he messes up bigtime. So how are you? Can't remember when or where I last saw you, but it wasn't recently!

Subject: Fat Elvis

Posted by TC
Thursday, February 28, 2002 at 14:39:45

Yep Thommo, it is I, the rest are all imposters, or should that be impersonators.

Subject: Fat Gary

Posted by IT
Thursday, February 28, 2002 at 12:23:36

Trevor, Is that really you? Has the Leader morphed into Fat Elvis? (I looked on the web - there are hundreds of Fat Elvises out there!!)Incidentally boys .. at the risk of sounding peevish... isn't all this guitar talk an ideal candidate for a new strand on the threaded board? Many of us have no idea what you're talking about!!

Subject: Gibson smell

Posted by JK
Thursday, February 28, 2002 at 12:15:24

Are you still talking about guitars, or a certain former BBGS pupil?

Subject: New Gibson smell

Posted by TC
Thursday, February 28, 2002 at 09:38:30

Ern, I haven't a clue but doubtless by now it smells of stale cider and cigarettes.

Subject: New Gibsons and marzipan

Posted by JP
Thursday, February 28, 2002 at 08:56:09

Ern, I hope Pete G doesn't take offence at that!...

...and a Les Paul, eh? If you need to justify that to the missus just learn the solo from 'Inca Roads'.

Subject: Total Geetars and Cake

Posted by Ern
Wednesday, February 27, 2002 at 18:22:04

Trev, one of the advantages of being an 'ageing' rocker is that I can afford to buy guitars if I like 'em, although my Les Paul nearly cost me my testicles as well when it got delivered from the USA in 6 days instead of the 6 weeks that they told me - I hadn't even started to try to convince the missus that it was a superb investment for the future!! 'What the f**k is that and how much did it cost' quoth she, upon me entering the living room with plush lined case.
Anyway - you're an expert - answer me this - why do new Gibsons smell of marzipan?

Subject: Fat Elvis

Posted by IT
Wednesday, February 27, 2002 at 17:23:28

From a site I found...

Subject: freebies

Posted by TC
Wednesday, February 27, 2002 at 13:09:08

...unless you want to do a swap for that photo with the sheep.

Subject: freebies

Posted by TC
Wednesday, February 27, 2002 at 13:05:57

Yep, Poss, still got it somewhere, sad anorak that I am. Ern, yes it is me writing in Guitarist and Total Guitar. I do get the occasional effects pedal for nowt but not much else so you'll have to forget about that new Stratocaster for the time being...

Subject: Talking of freebies…

Posted by JP
Wednesday, February 27, 2002 at 11:04:19

Trev, you still got the plectrum chucked offstage by Rick Neilsen at the Cheap Trick concert in Liverpool? (1979? 80?)

Subject: Fat Elvis

Posted by Ern
Wednesday, February 27, 2002 at 10:53:55

Hey Trev, I've been reading your stuff (I assume it is you, living in Bath and all) in the Guitarist. Good articles dude - errr...... do ya get any freebies?

Subject: Fat Elvis

Posted by TC
Wednesday, February 27, 2002 at 09:32:11

I have been known to enjoy the occasional deep fried peanut butter and banana sandwich...

Subject: Fat Elvis

Posted by JP
Wednesday, February 27, 2002 at 08:41:18

That's got to be that Mr Tinsel again, methinks. Is that you, Trevor?

Subject: What doesn't kill us makes us stronger

Posted by JP
Wednesday, February 27, 2002 at 08:37:28

Yeah, just like everything comes to him who waits, I suppose?


Posted by EW
Tuesday, February 26, 2002 at 19:45:58

Jesus. And people worry about CCTV.

Subject: Eddie Fell

Posted by Fat Elvis
Tuesday, February 26, 2002 at 19:25:44

Sadly, the Eddie incident referred to was actually quite innocent. He got fined for driving one handed while draping his other arm around his female companion. If anyone is still interested, the female partner was Sheila Cornthwaite, daughter of the Late Les Cornthwaite the Ainslie street newsagent.


Posted by
Tuesday, February 26, 2002 at 16:54:33

What doesn't kill us makes us stronger

Subject: Is it too late…

Posted by JP
Tuesday, February 26, 2002 at 16:43:02 take Cumbria County Council to court for all the pain and humiliation suffered during circuit training in Bernie’s PE lessons all those years ago, I wonder?

I ask since there’s a small piece in today’s Times headed ‘Pupil sues over gym headstand’ which tells of one teenager’s claim for £50k damages against her local authority after injuring her neck doing a headstand in a gym lesson. It goes on ‘Rhian Ashton claims that she was told by her PE teacher to perform the exercise even though she knew she was ‘hopeless’ at gym… Miss Ashton’s barrister… said the teacher should have evaluated each pupil’s abilities and written them down (and) that the school… had not carried out a proper risk assessment of the exercise.’

Gosh, just imagine that; Bernie, Rocky or that slag Bellarby conducting risk assessments for climbing that stupid wall or those f***ing ropes, or attempting an honest evaluation of each pupil’s ability. ‘Aptitude: next to non-existent’ they would have had to write on mine, ‘Attitude: wouldn’t do it even if he could’.


Posted by EW
Tuesday, February 26, 2002 at 13:46:07

I'll bet he looks back now and is rather glad he had the chutzpah to be caught doing something to a lady in the front seat of his car. You're a lang time deeeed ya know.

Subject: Eddie Fell

Posted by Neil
Tuesday, February 26, 2002 at 12:29:30

Interestingly enough, my parents met him just before Christmas and he is apparently hale and hearty. Looks like bad tempers aren't a recipe for a short life after all.

Subject: Eddie Fell

Posted by SB
Tuesday, February 26, 2002 at 08:32:41

3f 1970 was 3 Fell. He was fined for doing something to his femalefront passenger whilst driving a motor vehicle (An Austin Gypsy I recall). This was in the Evening Mail and the day after he came intoregister to find about 10 torn out extracts pinned to the board.Some of us then received some of his other famous expertise - physical violence of the burly farmer kind.Pity we never found out exactly what he was doing (or she was doing)as the newspaper reports were not very graphic in those days.

Subject: AC/DC

Posted by John Rushton
Friday, February 22, 2002 at 17:52:08

Wasn't Eddie Fell another master who also taught at BGGS - I seem to remember his subject was Human Biology and he (allegedly) only gave night classes!

Subject: Spock verified

Posted by bggs escapee
Friday, February 22, 2002 at 15:40:51

Spock was definately a swich hitter, and taught at bggs as well as bbgs in the 70's he went both ways lads!

Subject: Spock

Posted by Neil
Friday, February 22, 2002 at 12:14:55

Spock certainly taught Vulcan Biology at BBGS. I was a friend of his eldest son Ian, also known as Spock, who now does Bones' job. His other son Neil also went to BBGS.

Subject: Spock

Posted by BioBiz
Friday, February 22, 2002 at 08:00:33

Oh my god! if that is true either Alzheimer's has already set in or I was at the wrong school. I am sure I was taught by Spock. But maybe it was just in my nightmares.

Subject: Spock at the girls' school

Posted by Alan T
Thursday, February 21, 2002 at 21:30:44

Wasn't that where he worked?

Subject: Northern Souls

Posted by Ben Sherman
Thursday, February 21, 2002 at 18:23:58

Wish I could be there next week to witness the sight of a room full of 40 somethings bopping the night away in the tastefully solemn surroundings of Abbey House! Are you sure you can make it all night or should you ask your teenage kids to come and collect you about half ten???


Posted by
Thursday, February 21, 2002 at 11:29:18

Subject: Girls' school pic 1977

Posted by Bike Shed
Thursday, February 21, 2002 at 09:13:24

Now that we have the Girls' 1977 pic, isn't it time to name and shame, a la boys' piccies?

Subject: The Sound Of Philadelphia

Posted by Virtual DJ
Thursday, February 21, 2002 at 08:23:33

That's right, a week on Friday, March 1st. Plush rather than posh, but there again someone on this board did accuse us of being a clique. Compliment taken.

.And to all those ageing rockers looking to sneak in for a peek - sorry chaps, all 300 tickets were sold months ago, far and wide, Crewe to Chichester, Walney to Warminster.

All for a good cause too, Furness Hospital Oncology Unit.

Subject: Posh Northern Soul

Posted by Dave
Thursday, February 21, 2002 at 01:52:06

Even in Philadelpia I hear whispers of a Northern Soul night pending at Abbey House Hotel no less, Makes a change from other venues. The night owls are moving up in the world

Subject: Fan Dabi Dozi Redux

Posted by John Rushton
Wednesday, February 20, 2002 at 13:25:25

At the risk of being labelled an obsessive (see the various postings on this subject around December last year if you want to avoid repeating all the jokes about shorts, etc.!) I caught the tail end of a BBC Scotland regional programme last night about national folk heroes The Krankies and it turns out they made their debut with this act at 'Barrow-in-Furness Labour Club' - not sure whether we should burn it down (if it hasn't already been demolished to make a Piazza or Plaza or whatever other misnomer town planners employ for homogenising town centres these days) or put up a blue plaque!

Subject: Beam me up Scotty?

Posted by BioBiz
Tuesday, February 19, 2002 at 19:56:18

What is Spock doing in the girls 1977 photo? Did he defect to the Girls school at some time or has Scotty got his coordinates wrong when trying to beam Spock down onto the surface?

Subject: Speech day photo

Posted by Fat Elvis
Tuesday, February 19, 2002 at 13:31:27

Is that not Tommy Haircut, punk poet of this parish, in the sixth row? Perhaps he had just given a recital...


Posted by E Watermelon
Tuesday, February 19, 2002 at 13:05:01

Girls 1977 picture added....
"The Milky Bars are on me!"

Subject: speech day photo

Posted by johnny fartpants
Tuesday, February 19, 2002 at 00:55:47

'By the way, looking at the Speech Day photo, who's the geezer in the sixth row in hysterics and with lots of empty seats around him. Has he just dropped one?'I think it could be Jim Massey, btw, the be-goggled cherubic urchin surrounded by empty seats could well be me.............I didn't think that my petomania developed until I was Much older & fatter....

Subject: Dougall

Posted by Neil
Saturday, February 16, 2002 at 18:37:42

I thought Dougal was Steve Cooper - now in NZ - he certainly used to be known as Dougal.....surely there can't be two?! ( Tez Mayes always told me not to put question/exclamation marks together, but he can't touch me now?!?!!!!???)

Subject: Accents

Posted by SB
Saturday, February 16, 2002 at 13:53:48


Subject: SB

Posted by Neil
Saturday, February 16, 2002 at 00:14:10

I thought you were SC - are you not, then?

Subject: Speech day photo

Posted by Len M
Friday, February 15, 2002 at 15:29:33

Aye Trev 'tis me. I think I may have another photo of this glorious event somewhere (funny how our mums had the foresight to gather material for a future web site). I'll scan and sent it if I find it.

Subject: NZ Accents

Posted by SB
Friday, February 15, 2002 at 10:59:54

Neil, or is it Neil Finn, or maybe even Sam Neill. Don't know about sojourn, it costs too much to get here for one of those and I don't intend on coming back. The accent is more Sheffield actually and my Subaru is probably slower than your Subaru due to the 91 Octane we have to put up with in the antipodean equivalent of Madrid.Anyway, got to go as my fush and chups are getting cold............tha knows!

Subject: Tinsel

Posted by Brian McBride
Thursday, February 14, 2002 at 18:02:36

Never mind how you dropped it, how did you get it?

Shame really - you seemed such a nice boy when I knew you.

Subject: Speech day photo

Posted by TC
Thursday, February 14, 2002 at 17:57:42

Len M? Is that you Marshall? That accounts for it, we all remember the potency of your guffs.P.S. I dropped the Tinsel moniker after a spot of bother when getting my computer hard drive fixed...


Posted by
Thursday, February 14, 2002 at 15:14:03

And for those of you with black and white sets, the green ball is the one behind the brown.

Subject: Left-Leaning Pupils

Posted by Brian McBride
Thursday, February 14, 2002 at 13:32:40

Must have been a real nasty one Len. It looks like Tony Maguire sitting in front got a whiff of it too!

Subject: Speech Day Photo

Posted by Len M
Thursday, February 14, 2002 at 13:22:23

Not sure who the guy on the 6th row is. I know I'm somewhere out of shot on the left and I had just dropped one which explains why Andy Craig is leaning to the left. Note Trev Tinsel behind Steve Rowlinson.

Subject: Exiles

Posted by JK
Thursday, February 14, 2002 at 08:56:47

Rural Essex, old chap.

I bought a house in Suffolk because I couldn't face telling anyone that I live in Essex.

We don't quite get estuary English here, and it's disconcerting when you're asked how to fix compooters that ain't gooin'.

I compensate by being ultra-northern, next week I'm bringing the flat cap and whippet into work.

Subject: Exiles

Posted by Neil
Thursday, February 14, 2002 at 08:46:14

Am yow an Essex boy now, ar mucker John?

Subject: Arnold Palmer shirt

Posted by Brian McBride
Thursday, February 14, 2002 at 08:20:23

Sounds like a tasteful item to me. I once remember walking into Hepworths to collect a new two-tone made-to-measure suit with a 16 inch centre vent. I became rather dismayed when I bent down to tie my Comos and suddenly found the jacket flapping around my ears.

By the way, looking at the Speech Day photo, who's the geezer in the sixth row in hysterics and with lots of empty seats around him. Has he just dropped one?

Subject: distigusting

Posted by JK
Thursday, February 14, 2002 at 07:12:28

I just assumed it was youm West Midlands dialect sneaking out.

Subject: Shirty attitudes

Posted by Neil
Wednesday, February 13, 2002 at 18:49:52

Did I say distigusting? I suppose it was really!

Subject: Shirty attitudes

Posted by Neil
Wednesday, February 13, 2002 at 18:48:35

Don't remember that one, John. I wonder who had the most tasteless early/mid70's Ben Sherman? Maybe there are even some sad people visiting this site who used to wear Arnold Palmer shirts? I had a distigusting constipation-brown one, with white flowers and a flared, non-button down collar.

Subject: One upmanship

Posted by JK
Wednesday, February 13, 2002 at 17:01:16

Was it Dave Shand who was the target of the "my shirts better than your shirt" campaign, which resulted in tears before bedtime?

Subject: NZ accent/dialects

Posted by Neil
Wednesday, February 13, 2002 at 12:04:00

Steve - your antipodean sojourn is showing, but I'll bet my car is even "fester" than yours!! I hear you are stuffing us at cricket again.

Subject: Are you turning into your parents

Posted by Dougal
Wednesday, February 13, 2002 at 11:05:31

Well the difference between a mans toys and a boys toys is that the mans toys are better . My car is heaps fester than any Impressa

Subject: It's that Jock Again!

Posted by simmo
Sunday, February 10, 2002 at 18:42:46

Don't know where I'd buried my head in 1969, but I hadn't realised there was anything untoward about Jock Cranston's departure from BBGS. Mind you, I do recall our music class [all of us morons] being in stitches when, after observing two dogs copulating outside the windows of the gym training area, Jock observed to us that it was all "perfectly natural". This was, of course, slowly enunciated in his Morningside-like accent. Another memory of him was his constant prefacing of a pupil's name with "Master..." Was it true that he dropped this habit once a person with the surname Bates entered the School?

Subject: us

Posted by frank cassidy
Saturday, February 09, 2002 at 23:19:41

there was a kid in front of us at assembly whose hair 'moved.' looking back, he must have a lice. he also used to lick his right-hand index finger while we were all looking down at the start of pudding, wipe the said digit across his next-door neighbour's manchester tart and say: you don't want that now, do you?i have forgotten his name - will never forget the act - pass the sick bag, Alice

Subject: Cranston

Posted by SB
Saturday, February 09, 2002 at 08:46:27

His sudden departure was something to do with theweight training area, Graham Johns and a pair of white gym shorts.( I witnessed this act and was assured by cash that I saw nothing)I can only assume that Jock must have dropped hismetronome down the aforementioned shorts and tried to retrieve it without informing the wearer.

Subject: Moving Waves

Posted by Neil
Saturday, February 09, 2002 at 00:14:23

My god, all these years and I was so close, without knowing it, to someone who knew someone who knew someone who was in the same band as the genius Jan Ackerman. Yiddle aye om pom pom.

Subject: Phil Bond

Posted by Alan T
Friday, February 08, 2002 at 20:32:45

I always thought that his biggest claim to fame was the fact that his Dutch wife knew Thijs Van Leer of the Jazz/rock group Focus very well. It impressed us lot anyway.

Subject: Look Out

Posted by Dave
Friday, February 08, 2002 at 16:07:40

Does anyone have any tales of woe regarding the 'Fleg Pit"?

Subject: Bangers

Posted by Explorer
Friday, February 08, 2002 at 14:49:05

That's nothing, I once found some meat.

Subject: Banger headline

Posted by IT
Friday, February 08, 2002 at 13:40:51

I once found newsprint inside a school dinner sausage.

Subject: Jock Cranston

Posted by Brian McBride
Thursday, February 07, 2002 at 15:30:22

A fine music teacher - not so sure about his personal life though. I can imagine that there was something to his rather sudden departure.

Who took over from him? My interest in singing in the Festival Choir and our enjoyable excursions to inter-school competitions at the Winter Gardens, Blackpool evaporated after he left.

Subject: More Directionless Babble

Posted by John Rushton
Thursday, February 07, 2002 at 11:53:14

In reply to Neil's posting on Tuesday - I don't remember too much about Phil Bond other than he was probably too nice a guy to be a teacher and I think he had a fairly chaotic family life as he was often late in the mornings much to the obvious distaste of Cash who would delegate the task of babysitting Bond's form and taking the register to the nearest prefect. I think Bond's main claim to fame was replacing the infamous nipple tweaking psycho-pervert Jock Cranston - a man quite clearly on the edge (of what I was never quite sure)but who's tantrums when faced with a bunch of tone-deaf Barrovian oafs were vastly entertaining. Anyone know the circumstances of Cranston's departure - I think this was fairly dramatic, though not quite in the Eddie Fell league (now there was a man to keep on the right side of!).

Subject: The Immortal Bob Ferg

Posted by survivor
Wednesday, February 06, 2002 at 16:40:18

I have one priceless memory of the immortal Bob Ferg, albeit second hand. He was attending some function involving the well-heeled (no, I don't know why either) and in re-telling the story uttered the famous line "There were loads of famous people there, I didn't know any of them, mind." Where is that lunacy when we need it?!

Subject: Directionless babble

Posted by Neil
Tuesday, February 05, 2002 at 19:59:50

I thought History was directionless babble. English Lit and Music, also. Mind you at least the actual teachers were entertaining. Stiff has been done to death on this site, as has Tez Mayes. Less has been said about the redness of Wilf's neck or the previous evening's meal ever resident in Bond's beard (strling chaps, the pair - shame about their subjects).

Subject: Directionless Babble

Posted by Facetious Git
Tuesday, February 05, 2002 at 19:07:58

I turned into my parents the other day. Luckily I stopped before I hit the garage wall in my Impreza Turbo GTI fastback furtwangler Rally Mk 3.

Subject: Test Results

Posted by JK
Tuesday, February 05, 2002 at 15:58:21

Neil - it's confirmed. You are your Dad.

Subject: Walney

Posted by Cookie
Monday, February 04, 2002 at 22:48:55

Sorry Ian, Walney's still there.

Subject: Tossers' cars

Posted by Neil
Monday, February 04, 2002 at 17:41:44

Personally I have a good laugh and do the forehead trunk sign. So that must be answer (a) then.

Subject: Have You Turned Into Your Parents

Posted by JK
Monday, February 04, 2002 at 14:35:11

You're driving down the dual-carriageway at 50 mph, when a Subaru Impreza speeds past at 100 mph.
Do you say to your passengers......

(a) "Young maniac - You know, he won't get there any faster"
(b) "Wow, did you see that - let's get a closer look"
(c) "What's a Subaru Impreza?"

Subject: Parents

Posted by Neil
Monday, February 04, 2002 at 12:40:49

Terrible, innit. I turned into my parents when I had the first of my three children ( all we talk about is the weather and children). OOOh but the rain is bucketing it down again - no more outdoor DIY today chuck.

Subject: Plus Ca Change

Posted by
Monday, February 04, 2002 at 09:54:38

What has become of us?

The bright young things of the 70s who set out from Barrow to change the world.

We have developed technology to such an extent, that it enable us to converse with people we have not seen/spoken to in almost 30 years, and what do we do?

Discuss the weather!!

We've turned into our parents.

Subject: Cumbrian weather

Posted by Neil
Saturday, February 02, 2002 at 18:21:30

I thought I'd escaped rain that buckets down for days on end when I moved to Worcester. No such luck, I've just spent 2 hours baling out the base of a conservatory we're having built, only to discover water coming through the b......g ceiling, oh what joy!


Posted by IT
Saturday, February 02, 2002 at 17:31:38

Shocking weather in Barrow this weekend by the look of it on the BBC news. Has Walney completely disappeared?

Subject: Epicure

Posted by Neil
Saturday, February 02, 2002 at 00:11:15

No one STAYED for school dinners......a quick scoff and out again.

Subject: School dinners

Posted by Alan T
Friday, February 01, 2002 at 22:44:03

Never having stayed for school dinners in my entire life, only now am I conscious of the treasure trove that I've missed out on. Or have I?

Subject: Boot boys

Posted by Neil
Friday, February 01, 2002 at 20:26:21

No one ever offered to polish mine.


Posted by IT
Friday, February 01, 2002 at 20:19:10

Brian - it would be good to hear the Ferguson side of events. As you probably know, he is a very law abiding and god fearing type now, and it is quite difficult to reconcile the contemporary Bob with the lad who was at the epicentre of so much mayhem all those years ago. Incidentally I remember the blazer wars very well. I think you were the main target, because your jacket was so much smoother than everyone elses. I remember the day the sleeve came off. But you also had a school badge on velcro, I think, so that you could go in cognito once you were out of the school gates. Full marks for self preservation. There were boot boys atevery corner.

Subject: One lump or two?

Posted by The Dealer
Friday, February 01, 2002 at 18:35:15

I think roast was on Thursdays, and was haggled over for days before by those of us who didnt really fancy cold salad and spam on a rainy Monday.Chocolate sponge with chocolate sauce was also a high value item on the school dinners trading exchange.Apple Crumble was a hold and Jelly and blancmange was a sellSomeone should write a book about school dinners for posterity

Subject: Carrots!!

Posted by The Mardale Mauler
Friday, February 01, 2002 at 18:26:06


Subject: Custard pie

Posted by Neil
Friday, February 01, 2002 at 17:28:42

Leave the custard alone,it was wonderful. I can't recall it ever being runny, only a lovely creme y (sic) texture that glopped out of the jug , or oozed sensually out of the ladle in earlier years, by those lovely sirens behind the counter. One of those beauties was my Great Aunt Greta who sadly died la couple of years ago, at a ripe old age aassisted, no doubt, by avoiding the consumption of what she served. Pink sauce was another winner, usually served with that dried up neapolitan-coloured sponge, but contenders for the Derek & Clive 'A Century of Vomit' Trophy must have been the completely vile syrup sponge and currant tart. (aka 'fly pie').It was certainly a sad day in 1974, when the Burghers in Carlisle made a successful coup and removed BBGS Canteen from Lancastrian control. Dinners just weren't the same again, too much imagination crept in, too much healthy food was served - salads and yoghurt for god's sake. Happy days.

Subject: UHT Custard

Posted by JK
Friday, February 01, 2002 at 16:26:51

I didn't think they had to treat dog's milk.

Subject: Custard

Posted by wrennie
Friday, February 01, 2002 at 16:18:08

The "Manchester Tart" reminiscences brought to mind the unusually pale and thin custard...a rather too sweet concoction with an unpleasant UHT aftertaste.

Subject: Ginger Sponge

Posted by Ciaran
Friday, February 01, 2002 at 12:27:42

I can still taste that Sponge with the white custardThe only thing ginger I've ever really liked

Subject: Bob Ferguson & School Dinners

Posted by Brian McBride
Friday, February 01, 2002 at 11:07:27

Ian, I met up with Bob at Christmas and I told him about your several references to him on the Board. I don't think he's quite got up to speed with the Web yet but give him time and I'm sure we'l be treated to some of his entertaining interpretations of events.While I was at BBGS, my Mum was forever re-stitching the pockets of my blazer. I was always having to blame the poor workmanship of McDowell's suppliers but the reality was that I always seemed to be on the receiving end of some game which involved coming out of the dinner hall and picking on some luckless character to either remove parts of his blazer (I've had complete arms of my jacket removed), or to pick him up and deposit him in the nearest hedge.As you'll recall, the group involved pair of us, Bob, Geoff Cooper and Junior Wilson. I seem to recall you struggling on one occasion to remove yourself from the bowels of a hedge only to be confronted by the owner and threatened with criminal damage.Junior Wilson had a dislike for all things white and pudding-like. He devised this great game at the dinner table where he would count 1-2-3 before sliding his untouched pud into the middle of the table and for the rest of us to simultaneously attack it liked starved piranha with great scoops. Very little of it ever reached our mouths but the commotion was always guaranteed to turn heads in our direction.


Posted by IT
Friday, February 01, 2002 at 10:37:07

Paul Kissack (sp?) had both the prune and semolina records in my day. Talking about gruesome gastronomic incidents, I remember going to get a beaker of water and returning to find a cow's eyeball (courtesy of some biological dissection class) staring up at me from my watery mince. I can't remember who put it there -probably Bob Ferguson - but showing great sang-froid I carefully ate the rest of my dinner around it, leaving the eyeball on the plate. Oh.. and there was another great sport, which involved the lenses from sheep's eyeballs (or somesuch) - the trick was to see if you could bounce them from one octagonal tables to the next, like skimming pebbles. We don't do that sort of thing in the Senior Common Room, and we are poorer for it.

Subject: I Ron E

Posted by JK
Friday, February 01, 2002 at 08:24:17

Neil - Sorry, don't remember much to do with Sciences. I dropped Physics at the end of the 3rd year, after Wheatbeard gave me 10% for my term work.

To this day, I don't know how I managed to get it that high - I don't recall handing in any work.

Tom Brophy managed to put me off Chemistry after the 1st lesson in the 1st year.

The only bright spot was Jimmy Montague for Biology. I remember one piece of homework which had the letters ww all over it. When I asked him what it meant, he said "Willie Wombat."

Actually it was wrong word, but his interpretation inspired me.

Subject: 60 Prunes

Posted by Ern
Thursday, January 31, 2002 at 19:04:31

I believe that it was one Michael Collins who achieve this tremendous pruney total! Are ya out there Mike? Or are ya still in the bogs?

Subject: I Ron E

Posted by Neil
Thursday, January 31, 2002 at 18:09:33

John - do you remember the reggae chemistry master, as per subject? The only Whippersnapper I recall was the potential for a bit of mouth from Ma'o Neill ( never realised). Stomach turning to school din dins, does anyone remember th arteries and sclerotic yellow fat in the roast beef? Manchester Tart was certainly a big turn off and to cap it all I recall it tasted of almond substitute. Ah well, gone are the days of 24 fish fingers without feeling sick, or 60 prunes (I can't remember who managed that one). Any more gastronomic reminiscences?

Subject: School Dinners

Posted by Don Keyotey
Thursday, January 31, 2002 at 17:09:27

The many and varied offerings still haunt me. Anyone remember "Donkey Balls" - I think they were sausage meat wrapped in bacon? The liver tended to have strings of veins and connective tissue, difficult to chew, those. On the 'eats' front, I remember when 'Porky Scratchings' became popular and I think it was Stuart Williams bought a packet that turned out to have one single gnarly lump of pig skin in it with hairs and a nipple poking out. After sucking on it for a while, (the whole object, not the nipple!) I think he gave up. I also remember the hurried discussions that would ensue if any unfortunate found a caterpillar or other source of protein in their vegetables, the teachers would hurry the offending article away and always managed to give the impression that it was the finder's fault, not the cooks. I, too, like Ciaran, could never eat enough, especially prunes and custard - Yum.


Posted by JK
Thursday, January 31, 2002 at 16:11:26

I don't feel very well.............

Subject: Manchester Tart

Posted by Ciaran
Thursday, January 31, 2002 at 16:08:17

No no, Manchester Tart was more of a custard cream with a thin layer of Jam underneath on a pastry base, with coconut on top which I used to painstakingly scrape off as I didn't like it.Still, I think my record was fifths in this and thirds in Liver and Onions on the same day!Funny how some things stick in your mind, they didn't feed us much on Walney!!

Subject: Tarts, Manchester et al

Posted by JK
Thursday, January 31, 2002 at 16:01:47

Yes they did - all I really remember about them was the strawberry jam. It plays back in my mind as a sort of unrolled swiss roll.

The Barrow Tart was preferable, for all of those who didn't want jam on it. (Hence the saying)


Posted by IT
Thursday, January 31, 2002 at 15:54:22

Is my memory playing tricks, or did they serve something called 'Manchester Tart' at school dinners?

Subject: Respect

Posted by JK
Thursday, January 31, 2002 at 12:52:46

Time was, when yould use irony as a literary device and not have it's authenticity questioned by young whippersnappers. I blame Ted Heath.

Subject: The price of money

Posted by Neil
Thursday, January 31, 2002 at 12:45:31

John - that means you were only 11 or 12 at the time. Personally I didn't do that sort of thing until decimal currency appeared the following year - 50p at the Barrow Bowl gave admission (2.5p), four pints of mild (11p a pint), a lamb savoury from the Olympic, but nowhere near enough for a tart, even at Barrow rates.

Subject: The Good Old Days

Posted by JK
Thursday, January 31, 2002 at 09:30:16

Course, it was all different in my day - you could go out with a ten bob in your pocket, go to the pictures, 5 pints of Hartleys, fish and chips from the Hollands, and still have change for a tart on the way home.


Posted by IT
Thursday, January 31, 2002 at 08:34:02

I DO remember when it was all fields around Hawcoat village. There was even a proper farm and they herded Jersey cows down the street!! Frightening isn't it!

Subject: Rugs

Posted by JK
Wednesday, January 30, 2002 at 16:21:56

That's not far removed from
I'm 46 you know - and I've still got my own teeth!
I remember when it was all trees around here
Stop taking the pills mate - you'll feel a lot better

Subject: Rugs

Posted by The Rug Doctor
Wednesday, January 30, 2002 at 16:17:21

Disd you make a rug from it as it fell out?


Posted by IT
Wednesday, January 30, 2002 at 13:49:24

No rug... 46 and still got all my own hair. I'll find a photo to prove it.


Posted by
Wednesday, January 30, 2002 at 12:03:43

It would be nice to see BiF rise to the occasion with its own "Carpet" project.. there must be an artist somewhere who works in dog crap. There was that elephant one.. maybe he could branch out?

Subject: Blue Carpet

Posted by
Wednesday, January 30, 2002 at 11:01:17

How disappointing, I expected to see Thommo's latest rug


Posted by IT
Wednesday, January 30, 2002 at 10:38:47

See the Blue Carpet for yourself on webcam at was dreamt up by Tom Heatherwick, a sculptor whose partner is one of our ex-students. The carpet looked great in all the pre-publicity shots, but I was a bit disappointed by it when I saw it for real - it looks a bit dusty and not very blue. But don't worry, it could be covered in twinkling shards of beer bottle soon enough - not Brown Ale though - designer lager maybe.


Posted by EW
Wednesday, January 30, 2002 at 09:46:03

Tis' Glen Cornick as everyone knoweth!
Now tell us about the new blue pavement in NuT.
Did you make another triumphant TV appearance?
Can't help thinking the square should have been paved with glass from brown bottles...


Posted by IT
Wednesday, January 30, 2002 at 08:46:59

EW - I'll see what I can dig out. But who is the esteemed Old Barrovian?

Subject: Writing on the roof

Posted by Alan T
Tuesday, January 29, 2002 at 17:25:04

Wanton vandalism, funny then, funny now, only tinged with melancholy......


Posted by EW
Tuesday, January 29, 2002 at 09:46:44

That's a very hurtful and insensitive way to describe an old boy and acclaimed rock musician. I think NU will have to send you on a refresher course on interpersonal relations! As a penance you should immediately forward a photo of yourself at 19.


Posted by IT
Tuesday, January 29, 2002 at 09:07:52

Who the hell is the freak???

Subject: BBS stuttering

Posted by Steve
Monday, January 28, 2002 at 01:39:45

Phil, is there a glitch. Textual piece of first message has gone and my reponse didn't get posted.Steve

Oh I just didn't want to be arguing the toss about the roof painting with the guy just being buried

Subject: All Quiet on the West Ave Front

Posted by JK
Wednesday, January 23, 2002 at 17:10:12

We all seem to be sticking to our New Year's Resolution then
...........oh bugger!
Never mind, there's always next year

Subject: Lisdoonie festivities

Posted by Alan T
Monday, January 21, 2002 at 19:01:04

If we're welcome this year, it might be nice, young as some of us are.....any thoughts Mr. Cook?

Subject: Lisdoonie

Posted by Ciaran
Wednesday, January 16, 2002 at 10:11:09

I did gate crash the Lisdoonie do over Christmas and was made most welcome.I think there was about 25 of the guys there from Geoff Smith's year from various parts of the country who all seemed to enjoy themselves. I know they were particularly dissapointed by Lads who lived locally from their year who didn't turn up.It was a pity really as I'm sure if people made the effort from any age group a good night would be had by all.Maybe this year

Subject: Lisdoonie do

Posted by Curious bystander
Monday, January 14, 2002 at 18:11:04

Did anyone go to the shindig at the Lisdoonie on Dec 28th? How many people turned up? Any photos?


Posted by Ern
Friday, January 11, 2002 at 20:59:21

STIFF & RON (The Persuaders) 1
Sharon & Steve Capuchin (The Simians) 0

Subject: B Eales

Posted by Neil
Friday, January 11, 2002 at 19:59:46

Has anyone noticed the similarity between the sadistic ones name and a fish and chip shop in Eastenders?


Posted by survivor
Friday, January 11, 2002 at 18:48:00

Re the '67 school photo. Did anyone ever work out what Graham Heaney was signalling on the front row? Or was this an early Bernie Eales impersonation? ("just two things...")

Subject: Hit Squad

Posted by Gomez
Friday, January 11, 2002 at 14:03:41

I would like to be the first to volunteer for the roving hit squad. I feel that my no-nonsense approach, and sadistic bullying perfectly match your requirements.

Perhaps we can get together Ern, and discuss ways in which I can tell you where you're going wrong, and how many laps you will have to run as punishment.

Yours in education
B Eales


Posted by Erasmus Watermelon
Friday, January 11, 2002 at 13:57:47

What's he supposed to do? The course has ended, he has spent up and had to resort to sobriety. Never cracked a book in 3 years and now he finds the only people beating a path to his door with a job as "something in the city" are McDonalds. Meanwhile the government are screeching about the teacher shortage and offering hard cash while you train!
It gives you a couple of years to figure out what ya really want to do and pay off your student loan. Maybe we should shut a few unis and give a direct cash grant to Richer Sounds?
Mind you I wouldn't fancy being throttled by an estate simian as a result of reporting Jonnie's lacklustre school performance. Though on the other hand it could mean a lump sum compensation payout and early retirement due to ill health and stress! Teacher heaven.
The answer must be the "Magnificient Seven Scenario"... a crack team of bastards who roam the country and hold short contracts with schools. They employ the traditional methods to restore order and move on before the cases come to court. Maybe Stiff could be brought out of retirement to head the band.
As for your problem Ern, get him in the bikesheds and threaten to reveal his extensive internet porn collection.

Subject: Modern Life Is Rubbish

Posted by Ern
Friday, January 11, 2002 at 13:41:21

So, good friends - here I am embarked upon a totally useless task which is going to take days to set up and then add several hours each week to my workload (soon I shall have to make the kettle and all my nubile young sychophants redundant). Whose idea was this? A young teacher, freshly qualified. His qualifications for entering the profession? He used to sell computers in a high street store.

My God! I can remember when minimum qualifications for a teaching post were proven active combat in a major war and the ability to accurately target a small boy with a board rubber from 50 paces.

Atlantean Hoard